Download: Latest 2017 GSKY V7 Upgrade Software with Auto-Roll Update.

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GSKY has released a new software update for its Hellobox GSKY V7 satellite receivers. Some of the major benefits of these updates are the Auto- Roll features. 

All the users need to do is to connect their Hellobox GSKY decoder to the internet via LAN, Wifi or 3G Modem for a short time and it find biss key by connecting to cloud a server and auto-roll update.

Channels will now be automatically descrambled, so you don’t need to manually enter biss key.  After this you can continue watching your channels.

The Hellobox GSKY Upgrade Software listing in this post are grouped into the following regions;
- GSKY V7 HD for North & South America - Download
- GSKY V7 Global for Africa, Asia, Europe - Download

How to Upgrade Your GSKY V7 Receiver to V20170329
Before you begin note that GSKY V7 software CANNOT be used to upgrade a GSKY V6 hardware. Attempting this will brick your receiver.

Download your receiver software from the link above.

Now extract the .rar file and copy the .bin file to a USB drive.
Ensure you are using a stable power supply during the upgrade to avoid damaging your receiver.

Use your remote to navigate to the upgrade section to begin the software upgrade.

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