LASU Students: We’re being persecuted for Protesting Fee Hike

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LASU students who protested over fee hike now claim to be persecuted by the management of the institution. Earlier in the year, the students marched to Alausa, Ikeja to stage a peaceful protest at the House of Assemble over the increase of their fees by the state government.

Their efforts eventually were not in vain, as the governor heard their cries and reverted their fees to the initial rates. But now some of the students who took part in the protest are claiming that the university management is persecuting them. They said some of their colleagues are facing disciplinary actions, while others are being denied of their NYSC call-up letters.

The students are requesting that the governor of the state intervene, for at immediate resolution to take place so they can go for their youth service

Source: Vanguard News

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