Ebola: FG Shifts Resumption Date to 8th October

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Update: School to now Resume on October 8th

The minster of health has declared that private and public schools are now to open for resumption on by October not 22nd of September.

The federal Government has put in place some safety measures to help prevent further spread of the virus. The Minister said they will be trained personnel at private and public school that will handle any suspected case of the virus.  

Meanwhile in Lagos, the Governor of the state advised all schools to ensure that the student maintain proper hygiene by frequently washing their hands.
FG Instructs Primary and Secondary School to Resume Ocotober 13th 8th

In order to control and prevent the further spread EVD in the country. The Federal Government has decided to keep all primary and secondary schools, including private, shut till October 13th.

It was earlier said that the meeting will be held today(26TH august) to decide whether schools can resume or not, HERE, Well according to the recent report, that isn’t going to happen anymore.

The decision was made after the minister of Education held a meeting with the Commissioner of Education in Abuja. The Minister said control measures such as training of staffs on how to handle any suspicious case of Ebola, will commence immediately and would be concluded before the 3rd week of September 2014.

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