Why Did You Buy Your Phone?

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We all know that Nigerians are phone freaks, I think an average Nigerian can use about 10 different mobile phones within a quarter of a year or even more(if you add the ones we bought and borrowed). Seriously its crazy the way people change phones so I just decided to ask some of my friends this question” Why did you buy your phone” and the answers I got really made them stop to think about it.  Some gave answers like;
  1. Because it was currently trending.
  2. Because it had some certain features that I liked.
  3. Because it suited my budget
  4. It just had a slick and stylish design which I liked.

They are many more o but these are just the 4 most sensible replies.

If you are amongst the 1st category that just wants to get it because everyone has it, then you must really have lots of money to blow. And I like your style. I have a feeling you guys are currently using an iPhone, HTC or a Blackberry 10 smartphone.

If you fall under no.2 and 3, I believe they know exactly what they want, in terms of features, whether it’s the Camera Picture Quality, High Memory Capacity or even High Modem speed for fast browsing & downloads. This is a good reason to spend crazy money on a phone. If it’s the budget, you just don’t want to get something too expensive that may probably get stolen or damaged tomorrow. Its cool and I respect that.

Most people that said No.4 talked about how they really like their iPhone 5S, Bold 5 etc, because of its design and how it fits their “personality”(Don’t ask me, that's what someone said).

So why did you buy your phone…?

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