Have You Met Sanchez - Our Guest Student

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This weekend I took out the time to catch up some good friends of mine. I offered to interview them and include some of their profiles detail on my blog, thereby giving readers a chance to know more about them. I chatted with Jennifer , Erica and Michelle earlier So now, Alex Cornelius aka Sanchez is our guest student.

Hey bro what’s up, How you doing?
I’m cool.

Kindly tell us about yourself.
I’m Alex Cornelius aka Sanchez. A computer engineering student of HNAUB 300l

What are your hobbies and do you describe yourself and a social person?
I do many things but I love playing football, listening to music and love travelling and I also like playing video games too
ME: I know you must mention football, you are amongst the SOSMAIT football team abi?
Alex: Yea, My Jersey Name is Sanchez
ME: You guys are doing great; You are currently the best football team in school.
Alex: Yes so!! Na God

What would you describe as the happiest and saddest moments as a student of HNAUB?
I don’t have sad moments. My happiest moment here is winning my first gold medal playing for the department. And I gat series of medals
ME: Yea, Most Def, I remember I even wrote an article about that HERE. Congrats once again
Alex: Thanks Bro

Who is your favorite lecturer and why?
Ah that should be Mr. Sunday Tunmibi.
ME: You are not the 1st person to say that. Everybody computer student I meet always say his is their best lecturer.
Alex: That’s because he is very friendly

Was He Always your favorite lecturer from the start or just as some point?
Yes. Right from my 1st year, I always make sure I take any of his courses.
ME: That’s true; I remember seeing you in some of his classes

After your studies which career path would you like to pursue and why?
The truth is I’m open to anything that comes my way. Even football, because you never know what might come up
ME: Yea, I understand what you mean but I think you’ll be a good footballer.
Alex: No dey wyne me.
ME: For Real Bro

What advice do you have for freshers?
I’ll like to advice them on team work. They should be disciplined and work together because when we work together we can achieve more
ME: Good Advice. It’s very similar with out SOSMAIT motto. “Together we can Achieve Success”

Now that a lot people have gotten the opportunity to know you, could you be kind enough to give your social networking details or BBM PIN?
Cornelius Alexander (facebook). 
BBM pin 2B090556

ME: Thank you very much, Its been nice chatting with you. Have a wonderful weekend.
Alex: Yea, Thanks Bro

Do you also want to be Our Guest? You can contact me on Twitter @NWDK_III

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