Have You Met Michelle - Our Guest Student

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My long weekend of interviews wouldn’t be complete without hanging out with my very special friend Michelle aka Mitchie Dawn, This was so far my most interesting interview. She has an awesome sense of humor. We had a lot to talk about but I just had to highlight only the major questions.

So far, I chatted with Erica, Jennifer and Alex, so now, Michelle aka Mitchie Dawn (MD) is our guest student.

What’s up, Its been a while, how have you been?
I’m cool.

Kindly tell us about yourself.
My name is Michelle Wuave, AKA Mitchie Dawn (MD), I’m a student of HNAUB, department of Economics 200L

What are your hobbies?
I love designing clothes, watching movies, reading, hanging out wit friends, and going to church
ME: Interesting, but don’t you cook, cause I remember I liked the food you cooked the last time I and my Mandy visited.
Michelle: Of course I do, and I always try to get recipes for the ones I don't know how to cook but enjoy eating too. U can testify to that *wink*
ME: *Laughs*

I also know that you're a great make-up artist, how did you discover this great talent.
 At first I became conscious about my looks while growing up, so started with my self, I learnt about it from the media, I met different people to teach me and I also gained more at a beauty school, so I decided to put my knowledge into practice
ME: Nice, very resourceful.

I and Michel @ Her Matric a year ago

What would you describe as your most interesting moment so far in school?
Every moment has been interesting, because God has been faithful.
ME:  Good I like that.
Michelle: Thanks

I know HNAUB wasn't your 1st choice, what other school did you have in mind?
My 1st choice was University of Jos Nigeria, but let's say HNAUB chose me
ME: Considering the fact that most of us choose hnaub, I’ll try to believe that
Michelle: *laughs* HNAUB chose us too
ME: *laughs* I hear

I know you are a very social person, do you have a best friend and what makes him or her so special?
Yeah am very social, and I do have a best friend and he is special because he has occupied that part of my heart that had no choice but to tag him SPECIAL. He is simply the best.
ME: Na wa o. Is it someone I know? Does his name start with “W” *laugh*
Michelle: *laughs*

Who is your favorite lecturer and why?
Yeah, I don't know his name but everyone call him "Governor"
ME: *laughs* Yea, I’ve heard about him. His popular in your department.

After your studies which career path would you like to pursue and why?
Am working on Mitchie Dawn(MD) fashion line, so after school I'll finish what I've already started. Because being a fashion designer has always been my dream.
ME: Nice, I admire your interest in fashion. Great Ambition

Now that a lot people have gotten the opportunity to know you, could you be kind enough to give your social networking details or BBM PIN?
Sure Its 
Facebook, Mitchie Dawn,   
twitter; @mitchiedawn
bbm pin: 32FFC53E

ME: Thank you very much; it’s been nice chatting with you. Best Interview Ever
Michelle: Really?
ME: Yea
Michelle: *High Five* *Laughs*

Do you also want to be Our Guest? You can contact me on Twitter @NWDK_III

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