Have You Met Erica - Our Guest Student

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This weekend I took out the time to catch up some good friends of mine. I offered to interview them and include some of their profiles detail on my blog, thereby giving readers a chance to know more about them. I chatted with Jennifer, Michelle and Alex earlier so now, Erica aka Erica-Spicy is our guest student.

What’s up, how are you doing?
I’m doing great.

Kindly tell us about yourself.
My name is Erica, A 300 level computer engineering student of HNAUB.

What are your hobbies?
I love surfing the internet, swimming and hanging out with friends.
ME: Nice

What would you describe as your most interesting moment so far in school?
That should be the day I got the post of the assistant social director of SOSMAIT.
ME:  Yea, I know your part of the SOSMAIT Executive committee, That’s nice

Are you a very social person, do you have a best friend and what make him or her so special?
Yeah I'm a very social person; I guess that's why I'm the assistant social director. And about the best friend, my sister is my best friend. She's also my mentor.
ME: Nice, we all need someone to look up to at some point in our lives.

Apart from being elected as social director, what other thing can you describe as your greatest achievement in HNAUB?
I'd say reaching this level I am is an achievement for me, because not everybody that did matriculation with me is still here.
ME: Yes, That’s true. Agree with you.        

As a SOSMAIT EXCO’s, what can you say about improper dressing and behavior of computer students?
Hmmm, about that, I rather not say anything. *smiles*
ME: *laughs* I totally understand

Who is your favorite lecturer and why?
My favourite lecturer is Mr John Bosco. I just love him because he's very down to earth and very approachable.
ME: why not Mr. Sunday. All the students’ I’ve interviewed today all choose him.
Erica: *Laughs* Mr. Sunday is cool but John Bosco is still my favorite.
ME: Okay o

Before you became a student of HNUAB, what other university did you have in mind and why?
I always wanted to school in the University of Calgary in Canada, but my dad didn't want me to go too far from home. You can say I'm daddy's little girl. *laugh*
ME: *Laughs*

After your studies which career path would you like to pursue and why?
I intend to pursue my career and work in an engineering firm.
ME: Have you ever considered any other proffesion?
ERICA: Yeah sure, I always wanted to be a medical doctor that has been my dream since childhood.
ME: Why the change of mind, actually you just answered my next question indirectly, it’s like you read my mind *Laughs*
ERICA: Personal Reasons
ME: Okay, I respect that

What advice do you have for Freshers?
I'd say they should just be very focused on what brought them here.  There's gonna be many temptations, but they should try their best to overcome them. And lastly they should choose their friends wisely and not let their friends chose them.
ME: I agree

Now that a lot people have gotten the opportunity to know you, could you be kind enough to give your social networking details or BBM PIN?
Sure, Its Facebook: EricaSpicy Idemudia
TWITTER : @erica_spicy

ME: Thank you very much; it’s been nice chatting with you.
Erica: You’re most welcome
ME: Have a wonderful Weekend
ERICA: Same to you dear

Do you also want to be Our Guest? You can contact me on Twitter @NWDK_III

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