Have You Met Jennifer - Our Guest Student

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This weekend I took out the time to catch up some good friends of mine. I offered to interview them and include some of their profile detail on my blog, thereby giving readers a chance to know more about them. I've met with Erica, Alex and Michelle, So today, Jennifer is our guest student.

Hey what’s up, How you doing?
I’m fine thank You.

Kindly tell us about yourself.
I’m Jennifer, a SOSMAIT student of HNAUB. 300level computer science to be precise

What are your hobbies and do you describe yourself and a social person?
Yea, am very social, and my hobbies are cooking, singing and sometimes, doing some research

What would you describe as the happiest and saddest moments as a student of HNAUB?
My happiest moment in hnaub was when I eventually came into hnaub as a student and my saddest.... Hmmmm....non exactly.. Non I will describe as saddest but I do have lots of sad moments as an hnaub student.
ME: Sorry bout that, its normal most people have the same

Who is your favorite lecturer and why?
My favorite lecturer is Mr. Sunday Tunmibi...why is that, he thinks like a student and also understand the situation of his students. He is calm and kindhearted.
ME: Yea, I totally agree.
Was He Always your favorite lecturer from the start or just at some point?
Yes, He was always my favorite

If you could turn back the hands of time what would you change in your academical career and why?
I won't have changed anything... Everything in my academical career has always been good and the way I want it to be.
ME: That’s Perfects
Jennifer: Thanks

After your studies which career path would you like to pursue and why?
I would really love to pursue my career as a chancellor because its really what I always want to do in life.. And computer knowledge will be there to aid my profession as a chancellor... I want to be a chancellor because I believe people want to be coach psychologically and emotionally... So I would really love to be that coach and a source of liveliness in people.
ME: Nice Ambition

What advice do you have for freshers?
My only advice is that, the freshers should understand the reason for coming here and should also put God first. Their parents should be considered also cause the money they paid is huge. And one last thing, they should not just go through the school, they should also allow the school go through them... Despite that, they should take their lectures and books seriously.
ME: Seriously, most of them get carried away with all the excitement here.

Now that a lot people have gotten the opportunity to know you, could you be kind enough to give your social networking details or BBM PIN?
Facebook id: Jennifer sushie Jackson... 
BBM: 75F3700D.
ME: Thank you very much, Its been nice chatting with you. Have a wonderful weekend.
Jennifer: Yea, You too

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